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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is valid as of 13th November 2023.

River Deal Capital Limited, herein referred to as "RDC Ltd." or "we," respects the privacy of its users and is dedicated to protecting the personal information collected through its mobile application and services. Our Privacy Policy is designed with the commitment to safeguard our community's privacy in accordance with the privacy laws of the British Virgin Islands and relevant international legislation.

We collect and hold personal information relating to our clients and other people and entities associated with our clients as may be provided or disclosed to us in the course of business, which includes enabling users to create accounts through Twitter authentication and to purchase Chips in creators' content using digital currencies. The information collected may include but is not limited to names, email addresses, contact details, social media profiles, and transactional data.

Personal information is collected from our clients in the following ways:

  • by providing it to us directly;

  • by authorising third parties to provide it to us;

  • by other parties providing it to us either voluntarily or pursuant to compulsory processes we conduct on our client's behalf.